Utah Wedding and Portrait Photographer

about miranda

For those of you that don’t know me let me tell you a little about myself.  I have been shooting for a number of years (with my camera folks, don’t start calling the NRA) and have loved the path it has taken me on.  I started as most people do, by picking up a camera and playing around with it and I soon discovered there was nothing that completed my day like taking a picture of it.  I had spent years in the corporate world before discovering what I really wanted to be doing with my day and once I discovered that it was taking pictures of smiling faces, snotty noses, beaming brides, sleepy newborns, yummy food and anything else I found along the way I knew it was time to make a change.  So, I left the daily grind of working for the man, the security of health insurance and a regular paycheck to do what I LOVE.  scary? yes! but worth the risk in so many more ways than I can count.  I get to spend my day doing what I love and making art… and yes, that picture of you and your kids is art, the most precious of art if you ask me.  I’m enjoying this journey and learning more about myself everyday as I continue to live in my passion and do what I love.  I invite you to follow along on this journey, check the blog often, comment (they bring a smile to my face), email me with questions, and hopefully one day you and I will spend time with those smiling faces, snotty noses and sleepy newborns making memories for you to cherish always.

a few of the things that Inspire me:

  • bright colors
  • a beautiful cloudy sky
  • patterns in nature
  • architecture
  • family and friends
  • finding art in the everyday mundane
  • culture and tradition
  • fashion



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